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Dr Fung Synergy Animal Hospital

Dr. Linda Fung, DVM

Dr. Linda Fung is a licensed and accredited Veterinarian who has been practicing in the Ann Arbor & Saline area since 1995.  She has an interest in conventional and alternative care for pets and their owners, hence the name "Synergy" Animal Hospital. She is determined to treat your pets entire body system. Ensuring a quality healthy life for your beloved pet. Whether it be basic preventative visits or if something more involved is necessary, Dr Fung strives to meet both your needs and your pets.


Dr. Fung has many diverse interests when it comes to animals. She is one of the top breeders in the world for Belgian Tervuren's. She is a National and Congress Champion for showing Shetland Ponies and Miniature Horses. (Click here to view our Photo Gallery for pictures)


Not only does Dr. Fung show her dedication to the health and happiness of animals at her Animal Hospital, she is dedicated in all aspects of her life to "doing what right for the pet and it's owner".  She accomplished this by balancing all aspects of care both traditional and non. Dr. Fung looks forward to meeting you and your pet soon.

My Pets:

Belgian Tervuren's

Horses- Nick, Victor

& The Herd!